What is "BOKURA"?

At that time in 1965(1965), there was no color television yet and all television programs were 'Black and white (black and white). '
The monster published in the cartoon magazine 'We' of in such and published Kodansha is a color.
The monster boom rapidly rolled this and the impact startlingly was given to ..happening.. and "Monster boy" at that time.

After that, "We" through 40 years or more ..growing up.. became "Breaking".

IMPACT of "Monster boom" in 1965's and "Odour" are reproduced here.
Let's throw away "Breaking" of a foolish monster that does the monster culture that became "Breaking" in Tatematsitada and the sticking to coconuts, and gather here.

【"BOKURA" of publication from Kodansha in 1965's 】

ぼくら01 ぼくら02