ORERA Company overview

[Exe plus Ltd.]

January 17, 1986

The capital
10 million yen

Takao Ohashi representative director

As of October, 2006 54 people (four inland sea outside duty Tstomusha people)

Select line
Field related to fashion clothes, fashion miscellaneous goods, and toy and IT and cosmetics, etc.

Project, importing and exporting, and domestic sale of the above-mentioned select line

Group enterprise
Are icy of Ltd.
(Osaka City and capital 10 million yen 1998 establishment year)
(LA and capital 50,000 dollars 2000 establishment year)
Beijing Caazumahoshi shoddy goods limited company
(Beijing City and capital 50 million yen 1995 establishment year)
Eternal state star sub-clothes limited company
(eternal state city and capital 27 million yen 1995 establishment year)

Liaison office
Chinese eternal state city, Azuma city, and Aoshima city

Osaka headquarters
ZIP code541-0051
Town 3-4-9 bigo Town Osaka City Chuo
yusyutsusenikaikann 8F
Osaka municipal management subway
Midousuji Line, Chuou Line, and Yotsubashi Line
The first at Hommachi Station exit shank's pony two minute < br/>
Tokyo branch

Tokyo branch
ZIP code150-0001
6-29-3 jinguumae Sibuya Ward Tokyo
Harajuku KY building 5F
JR Yamanote Line Harajuku Ekihyousandoucti 5 minutes on foot
Corporation subway Chitoda Line Meiji-jingumae Station
The fourth exit 1 minute on foot

[RIC Ltd.]

ZIP code541-0051 yusyutsusenikaikan 3-4-9 bigo Town Osaka City Chuo

Where to make contact
TEL:06-6209-7335 FAX:06-6209-7339

Person in charge of store management: Susumu Fujimoto(icy EC management of are Ltd. division)

[About icy (RIC) of the are Ltd.]

< RIC >
Can offer because of RIC it, and project power, price competitiveness, and quality. The..own..ask.
< miscellaneous goods >
Address ZIP code 3-4-9 export in town fiber hall after Sonawa of Prefecture Osaka City Chuo Ward 541-0051 Osaka Where to make contact TEL:06-6445-1091 FAX:06-6445-109 Person in charge of store management Susumu Fujimoto(RESOURCE division) Person in charge of store security Susumu Fujimoto About icy (RIC) of the are Ltd. < RIC > Can offer because of RIC it, and project power, price competitiveness, and quality. The..own..ask. < miscellaneous goods > Mobile power is made use of, the network is constructed in a Southeast Asian all regions, and it always proposes a fresh commodity overall.
< TOY >
It is existence that causes the industry the wave of the price busting from the result of having kept thoroughly sticking to the quality and the mania layer besides receiving high acclaim.
A wider group of users is developed domestically, and all parts of the world to Asia and Europe besides an American strategy based on RIC will develop in foreign countries in the future.

Association of public safety commissioner of the 621111701108th antique commerce permit Osaka Prefecture

Information in recent years
The enterprise came to be able to facilitate the analysis of making to the data base and the information about customers on the information about customers with the progress of Technology (information technology). However, the event of the leakage etc. occurs, too and, therefore, the system of the enterprise of the safety management is asked.

Our company is persisting recognizing appropriately managing acquired individual information through the mail order business, doing the maintenance management, and again of important of these individual information again, the decision of the protection of individual information policy, and the proper, based on the policy severe handling of individual information.

"Protection of individual information policy"


1. Our company will observe the law concerning protection of individual information and the standard of the industry guideline etc. for the handling of individual information handled in all businesses and individual information of the employee etc.
I will assume that it checks, and protects individual information in "Individual information handling entrepreneur's obligation" provided in Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs to which all aspects were enforced in April, 2005 these.
2. Individual information is collected, and when using it, our company assumes that the collection purpose is specified, and doesn't use it except the specified purpose.
Moreover, I will not handle individual information exceeding a range necessary for achieving the collection purpose, except when the person in question's agreement is obtained or it is based on the law, etc.
3. Our company will neither exclusion of the presentation etc. based on the law when the person in question's agreement is obtained nor offer the third party collected individual information.
4. Our company will promptly investigate the fact relevance etc. about the content, and respond cordially in a reasonable period when the complaint concerning the handling of individual information is received.
5. Our company lectures on a systematic, human, physical, technical safety measures measures to manage collected individual information appropriately, and works on the unlawful computer access to individual information, the loss, the destruction of individual information, and prevention and the corrections of the falsification and the leakage, etc.
6. Our company assumes that it continuously reviews the compliance program concerning protection of individual information based on the social environment and the change of scene, and improves the approach on protection of individual information.

Exe plus Ltd.
Takao Ohashi president

[ The inquiry of individual information ahead]
Exe plus customer chat channel Ltd.
Telephone: 06-4706-8708( Acceptance time: 10:00AM of weekday?5:00PM)
homepage: http://www.xplus.co.jp/
mail address: info@x-orera.com
address : ZIP code541-0051 3-4-9 bigo Town Osaka City Chuo
Kazuhiko Sakai information management person in charge